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Books are the Perfect Way to Convey Your Message

Custom book publishing is one of today’s most effective business strategies in reaching targeted groups of people with information relevant to their needs, interests, and lifestyles.

Our publishing service brings your ideas to life by creating your very own book.

Experience how the Jenkins Group can take your corporate messages to the next level, one page at a time.

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The Book

Supercharge Your Brand: The Amazing Power of Books as Marketing Tools demystifies the process of writing, publishing, and leveraging a book as a competitive business tool. This one-stop crash-course guide by veteran publishing authorities Mike Greece and Jerrold R. Jenkins conveys the ultimate formula for a successful book through insider tips for what is becoming the modern era's new business card.

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Supercharge Your Brand explains...
  • The need to write a book that's relevant

  • How to think strategically up front before writing a single word

  • The steps and important advantages of independently publishing

  • How to launch and leverage your book in the chaotic modern marketing mix

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