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Publishing a Smart Business Book Will Forever Transform Your Brand, Especially in a Digital Age

Supercharge Your Brand book coverSupercharge Your Brand: The Amazing Power of Books As Marketing Tools demystifies the process of writing, publishing, and leveraging a book as a competitive business tool.

This one-stop crash-course guide by veteran publishing authorities Mike Greece and Jerrold R. Jenkins conveys the ultimate formula for a successful book through insider tips for what is becoming the modern era’s new business card.

Supercharge Your Brand explains:

  • The need to write a book that’s relevant

  • How to think strategically up front before writing a single word

  • The steps and important advantages of independently publishing

  • How to launch and leverage your book in the chaotic modern marketing mix

It also offers numerous examples of successful authors who have used a book to differentiate themselves in their respective markets, increasing engagement, conversations, and influence that catapulted them into significant new opportunities.

Supercharge Your Brand shows you how to create a sustainable, impactful, market stirring book that conveys your authority, expands mind share, and permanently sets you and your brand apart.


“I gave away fifteen copies of my book, The Empathic Enterprise, to clients, prospects, and several United States diplomats during my Kiev visit. Presenting the book in those meetings at the right moment was very effective and demonstrated the authority/credibility argument that is the key element of the ‘Supercharge’ thesis.”

MARK A. BROWN, Director, Clarity Professional Development, Lisbon, and author, The Empathic Enterprise

Supercharge Your Brand is a valuable, quick read, one-stop road map to creating a sustainable, game-changing marketing tool. Writing a business book has been a significant catalyst for driving the growth of
my practice.”

DAN PRISCIOTTA, Managing Partner, Equity Strategies Group Lincoln Financial, and author, Defend Your Wealth

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