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Welcome to the online home of Jenkins Group's Books Are Marketing Tools. Our informative and interactive blog looks deeper into the unique strategies where books make the difference in creating new business. Here, you'll learn from the thought leaders whose vision to create an enduring message helped deliver more than they ever expected. The blog offers an insight rarely seen in publishing, the story behind the story. Subscribe, enjoy, and learn from those who have come back to, or maybe never left, the power that a custom published book delivers. We encourage you to share your own stories, ask insightful questions, and leave your comments for us; we always love to hear what's happening in your world!

- Jerrold R. Jenkins, CEO and Founder

Book for "High Potentials" Practices What It Preaches
February 24, 2017 more

Self-Described "One-Trick Pony" Goes the Distance with Book That Endures
December 15, 2016 more

"Touch versus Tech' - a Cardinal Threat to Business Success and a Flawed Customer Experience
November 03, 2016

Before he wrote The Empathic Enterprise: Winning by Staying Human in a Digital Age, global business performance consultant Mark Brown was one of many independent advisers helping firms and individuals improve their business performance via leadership development and executive training.Mark wasn?t al more


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